HP Innovation Journal Issue 03: Summer 2016 | Page 6

Break-even point for fabrication, no design changes $/part Digital Traditional Number of parts Break-even curve assuming no design changes for short run opportunities at reduced operating cost, for parts which offer an unprecedented combination of both fine detail and end part strength. End part production requires a seamless hand-off 3D is more than competing for cost and speed optimizations of the same product. The true potential of 3D is realized when one can develop products which cannot be within one object, enabling changing colors, textures, transparency, strength, elasticity, and more. Imagine an industrial designer, who could tell the printer which contrasting colors and textures to apply to the knobs of a car, while the mechanical designer could define different levels of strength and elasticity to the same part, all while the design tools assure that these design intents can be printed. Enabling professional designers to easily specify the design intent that takes full advantage of the voxel printer, the first step towards the transformation of manufacturing and ultimately towards the democratization of design. For this to happen, the printer’s capability needs to be communicated upstream from the design tools to the designers. This will also require that the design software and 3D parts shown were printed using (in order from left to right): HP Jet Fusion 3D printer; HP Multi Jet Fusion technology; HP Jet Fusion 3D printer. Center image ©Emmett Lalish, Thingiverse. between the design and intended printer or information can be lost, and the design intent and quality expectations may not be met by the printer. User interface manufactured today. The seamlessness of the interface between design tools and 3D printers becomes even more important as our future printers enable multiple properties Design intent Design generation Optimized designs Simulation for printer specifics Designers can create customized predictable 3D-printed products when printer capability is communicated upstream 6 Innovation Journal · Issue 3 · Summer 2016 the printer speak a common and enriched volumetric language that can be translated into volumetric pixels or voxels at the printer. HP Multi Jet Fusion platform