HP Innovation Journal Issue 03: Summer 2016 | Page 7

Rapid medical orthotic design and print Flexibility Light weight Color Strength Texture Designers can create customized, flexible, strong and light 3D-printed products; Images courtesy of Invent Medical • U  nleashing the imagination of de- signers in ways never anticipated. HP’s Blended Reality vision for 3D printing But the end to end journey doesn’t end with the printed product. Longer term, by em- bedding tracing marks and sensors into the product, we’ll also be able to track every step of a product lifecycle from initial 3D object process s eamlessly from physical to digital and back to physical, creating what we at HP call Blended Reality. Imagine the impact this continuous im- provement cycle could have on industries and our lives. Artificial knees, hearing aids, and heart valve replacements would be im- proved and fine-tuned based on actual usage. Airplane and auto parts could be modified based on travel patterns and weather condi- tions. Sports apparel and equipment could be customized based on performance and use. This type of transformation will allow us to return to the artisan roots of yesteryear, while pioneering a new wave of custom manufacturing around the globe. scan, to design, through production, quality measurement, delivery, and real-world use. This will provide in-lifecycle information to improve the design and fabrication of future parts. This moves the entire manufacturing The true potential of 3D is realized when one can develop products which cannot be fabricated today. • M  oving production locally to where it makes the most sense, making better use of resources (good for the environment) and transporting goods over less terrain (also good for the environment). • Building intelligence into the manufac- turing process that enables products to continually improve. The transformation will allow inventors to imagine and print objects which cannot be designed and manufactured today. The possibilities are endless to keep reinventing.   Learn more: http://bit.ly/IJ3_01 Edward Davis is Strategic Director for 3D Ecosystems for HP. He has been involved in successfully starting up several new businesses for HP, before leading the invention of HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology. Doug Warner is Vice President, Global Head of Strategy & Incubation at HP. He began his career at HP as the Director of Strategic Development, Digital Imaging. New HP Jet Fusion 3D printer Issue 3 · Summer 2016 · Innovation Journal 7