HP Innovation Journal Issue 03: Summer 2016 | Page 9

I f you’ve ever wondered where print is going in the age of digital, then just look around at all the printed materials, in all their various shapes and sizes, which come into your daily life. Through mindful observation, you can see for yourself where print used to be and where it’s headed. The effects of the digital age on print are all around us. Printed invitations used to be a significant part of many print businesses but today few events send out fancy invitations—it’s all e-mails, electronic invitations and Facebook events. A large number of user manuals have been replaced by PDFs or webpages. Good old fashioned newsprint is now accessible electron- ically via your smart phone. Despite all of the above, print is still very much a part of our lives. A visit to a shopping mall might include seeing lots of oversized banners, large in-store high impact color post- ers and custom wallpaper with photo quality images. Soft drinks and potato chips can be purchased with unique “customized” packag- ing, while household electronics now arrive in full-color boxes, in multiple languages and using high-resolution photos. On the way home from the mall, the road is full of buses and trucks wrapped with advertisements from leading brands using eye-catching high resolution vehicle graphics. The relevance of print relies on its ability to trigger emotions and reactions. The demand for print has changed the way content is created, digital and traditional analog offset printing presses are no longer suitable. That is why Panther Graphics laps the vehicle-wrapping competition with HP Latex technology HP is transforming the Graphics Business, by taking digital content and leveraging it across a diverse cross section of print media including: large banners, chocolate boxes, bus wraps and personalized invitations to car shows. The future of print is digital and HP is a leader in digital print innovation. For the last three decades we have introduced new technologies across a wide range of print applications. The new era of print can already be seen all around us—vivid colors, striking images in all shapes and sizes—all resulting in an emotional response that only impactful digital print can evoke. Print will continue to co-exist with online media providing consumers with a “full-sensory” experience including the physical elements only print can provide. This is good news not only for the print industry, but for brand owners who can engage with their consumers in new and innovative ways, print service providers who can handle more complex jobs, consumers who have a more memorable experience, and even the environment as waste is reduced by only printing what is needed using eco-friendly inks. From small copy shops to large box makers HP’s technological leadership and vision resulted not only in commercial success for our printers but to improvements in quality of life for both print practitioners and consumers. Here are a few examples of how the HP Graphics Solutions Business is overcoming preconceived notions about print in the digital age and leading the print industry across a broad range of industries, customers and applications. HP PageWide XL means opportunity for service bureaus and copy shops This super-fast compact printer is changing print economics and creating new opportunities for print service bureaus, photocopy specialists and in-house print operations. Simply put, PageWide XL prints more jobs, in black-and-white and full-color, at lower cost with faster turnaround times—than was previously possible. One of our first customers in Asia told us that jobs that used to take all night could now be done in a matter of hours. The result—the boss could now go home to be with his family instead HP PageWide Web Press T1100S HP PageWide XL 4500 77.2 in. 1146 in. HP offers a full range of PageWide solutions for your on-demand print needs Issue 3 · Summer 2016 · Innovation Journal 9