HP Innovation Journal Issue 03: Summer 2016 | Page 10

HP Indigo WS6800p Digital Press—a simplex web solution enabling high-quality applications such as book covers, lay-flat photo books, cut-sheet photo products, and more of supervising the job on the shop floor—a real quantifiable improvement in quality of life. era of communications. This includes printing different types of jobs, on a wide range of me- dia, using high-quality images—from flyers, to photobooks and point of sales materials. This is not surprising as the HP Indigo 10000 series is one of the leading digital presses in commercial printing with millions of pages produced every week. 1 Based on HP ElectroInk technology introduced back in 1993, this dig- ital press enables use of special inks, custom colors and varied print materials that improve HP Indigo started the digital revolution in package printing and has now become the industry benchmark. Advanced automation HP PageWide Web Press T1100S and sophisticated color matching make it fast and easy to provide leading brands with the transforms high-quality extreme accuracy, consistency and repeatability corrugated printing they require across a broad range of package On retail shelves, corrugated boxes are liter- types and sizes. ally meeting consumers “face-to-face”. While Conventional flexographic label printing this is driven by today’s demand for more requires time consuming plate creation and vivid, eye-catching packaging, it is also supply mounting. Since it is an analog process using chain economics that fixed plates, it is most requires printing short suitable for printing tens runs, multiple versions of thousands of copies with super-fast turn- of the same label. This around—all with low to works fine as long as the zero inventory. market is satisfied with The HP PageWide limited changes to label T1100S is enabling design and retail brands the way brands reach are willing to warehouse consumers through large quantities of excess impactful, relevant and labels required to make high-resolution images. the flexographic process Retail boxes now require cost effective. high quality engaging It does not, however, graphics representing a In Israel, Diet Coke is embarking on a fun new packaging stunt, using HP Indigo digital printing technology answer today’s demand significant growth op- to create millions of completely unique labels for changing designs, portunity for the digitally-enabled corrugated quality and consistency to deliver the emotional multiple versions and fast turnaround on exact supplier. response demanded by international brands. quantities. Only digital printing provides an an- swer for modern-day label printing challenges. HP Indigo 12000 Digital Press HP Indigo 8000 Digital Press Demand for short run lengths, integration of personalized designs and multiple product changes the meaning of lets digital label printing go versions can only be printed cost effectively commercial printing mainstream using digital print solutions. The HP Indigo 12000 Digital Press has the Just look around the super market or the phar- The latest HP Indigo digital label presses are potential to replace traditional “offset” printing. macy and you will understand why packaging so fast, that they can bring all the benefits of Digital printing is the only way to deliver to is seen as the next big frontier for digital print. digital print combined with mainstream speed customers exactly what they want in the new and reliability. In some cases, this impressive 1 GSB Market Share Report IDC Tracker Q4 2014 10 Innovation Journal · Issue 3 · Summer 2016