HP Innovation Journal Issue 03: Summer 2016 | Page 21

conventional offset technology, with Print Service Providers (PSP) directing new invest- ments towards a technology that would allow game-changing flexibility, productivity, and cost-efficiency. Aurelio explains that PageWide was a disruptor because of the ability to meet customer’s emerging needs in terms of flexi- bility (production quantities and supply chain), customization and personalization. Digital printing was not new at that time, but other technologies, such as laser, were not able to meet the speeds and high-volume needed for mass production, especially for full color printing. The HP PageWide web press was able to deliver high volume, low cost and high quality without compromise, enabling what was called since then ‘mass customization’. PageWide capabilities have benefited multiple industries served by the HP Graphics business unit, from publishing to packaging, enabling profound transformations of supply and value chains. In packaging, for example, with the PageWide web press, brand owners can produce boxes just in time, eliminating wasteful inventory and unleashing the poten- tial of unique marketing campaigns targeted to individuals or time sensitive events. A proven platform, scaled for the office HP PageWide Technology is changing the rules of printing by delivering speed, quality and cost with the reliability required by equipment intended to operate 24/7. The success of HP PageWide printers in the Graphics industry has been thoroughly proven, with over 140 billion pages printed to date and counting. The big news today is that HP has taken this proven platform and scaled it for the office, creating a generation of PageWide business printers ideal for hard-working teams of 5 to 15 people printing up to 7,500 pages per month. HP customer, Excel Trust, is a real estate invest- ment trust company that uses HP PageWide printers for their high volume office printing. In the very paper intensive industry, speed, quality and cost are critical factors especially when their office prints up to 150,000 pages per month. These devices offer phenomenal produc- tivity, outperforming in-class laser devices for speed—up to 75 pages per minute (black and color), and a first page out time of 7.1 seconds. They produce professional-quality color documents that are water-, smear-, and fade-resistant, for archival durability—perfect for the office environment. And they deliver all-around savings and lowest total cost of ownership with less maintenance and fewer replaceable parts than most lasers, and lower energy consumption than in-class laser printers. Innovative design enhancements for the office PageWide gets its speed by printing in a single pass, but achieving reliable quality required innovation and advancements in the design of printheads, printhead service stations, inks, and paper transport. To precisely place a dot of ink, each nozzle must eject a drop when it is required and within tight tolerances on speed, direction, and drop weight. A service station in the printer checks each nozzle’s performance and determines if it is operating properly. Using HP’s optical drop detectors—that can see individual drops inflight—1000s of nozzles can be checked ev- ery second. The service station cleans, wipes, and caps the printhead, and can restore noz- zles to operation. HP PageWide printers needed a HP PageWide Pro compact, reliable paper transport to produce fast, face-down, correct-order output with built-in automatic two-sided printing. HP designed a new paper transport that effectively delivers reliable pa- per pick-up, low jam rates, and continuous and accurate movement of the paper in the print zone. Two-sided sheets are printed and deliv- ered to the output tray without smearing ink. HP PageWide Technology enters the office at a critical time in history and the opportuni- ties are substantial. While we live in a world of color, the modern office still prints about 80% in black-and-white. With breakthrough color cost for print PageWide Pro and Enterprise printers, businesses are poised to reap the benefits of color output in their day-to-day communications. HP PageWide Technology and the innovation it brings to the office will continue to disrupt how many businesses think about printing.   Learn more: http://bit.ly/IJ3_09 Issue 3 · Summer 2016 · Innovation Journal 21