HP Innovation Journal Issue 05: Winter 2016 | Page 2

I have a deep belief that innovation is culture. For any enterprise to thrive, they must drive innovation into all aspects of their culture. This certainly includes technology and products, but extends beyond to areas such as Human Resources, Marketing, and day-to-day business operations. Innovation is not something that can be driven sole- ly from the top or from a single organization. It must become ingrained in the very fabric of the culture. Each member of the organization should be encouraged and empowered to look for creative solutions to customer, product, or business challenges and opportunities. I’m excited that this issue speaks to not only the “what” of innovation but the “how.” How designing for innovations is approached in the business strategy we implore, the culture we foster, the partnerships we establish, and the world class products we create. Each issue preserves a snapshot of a company that lives and breathes the credo, “Keep Reinventing.” Each issue brings in new authors, with new ex- amples of retooling and reimagining processes all over the company. In this issue, we look at how an innovation mindset is shaping Human Relations. At the unique challenges of security for Blended Reality. We check in with our Partners, who help us infuse our established technologies with new relevance, help us develop highly competitive solutions, and become central players in the ecosystems that surround the Internet of Things, Wearables, Data Analytics, and other emerging categories. And there’s a fascinating look at the evolving role and nature of design at HP. All of that’s the tip of the iceberg, really. Interesting that as we celebrated the HP Labs’ 50th year of innovation this past Fall, there’s never been a time so full of opportunity, so ready for change, so dialed in to the future, so curious about expanding the possible. All I can say is, watch this space, watch this company. There’s no stopping us now.   Shane Wall Chief Technology Officer and Global Head of HP Labs 2 Innovation Journal · Issue 5 · Winter 2016