HP Innovation Journal Issue 05: Winter 2016 | Page 19

INNOVATION SPOTLIGHT Design for Innovation: the Elite x3 One Life We work differently than we did a decade ago. We sit in smaller spaces, often in open offices or not in an office at all. We’ve demanded that our technology evolve accordingly. Thinner notebooks allow us to stay productive at home or on a plane. Powerful phones allow us to knock off tasks while standing in line. And our technology has changed us. We now expect answers in the moment, screens that respond to our touch or voice, and to have all of our data at our fingertips at all times. The HP Elite x3 And it’s not just where we work, it’s also how we see work that has undergone a transformation. The blurring between personal and work time is pro- pelled by a generation who doesn’t draw a line. Millennials will comprise nearly 50 percent of the workforce within 4 years, and they are already 62 percent of managers. 1 They define work as goals and output, not as tasks done at a fixed desk in an office between 8 and 5. 2 And they’re willing to make a myriad of sacrifices to achieve this flex- ibility. 3 While Gen Y may have spoken up louder for compa- nies to accommodate their work style, many of their older counterparts now want the same things. These tectonic shifts in the technology landscape and usage behavior ushered in a con- cept at HP we call “One Life,” which is the notion of interweaving professional and personal life. 62 percent of full time workers utilize personal devices for work and inversely 45 percent use personal apps on work laptops. 4 In One Life, we see people using whatever device or app fits their location, who’s with them, even their mood state. Unfortunately, it’s not always a smooth proposition. In research we conducted recently, limitations sharing data across operating systems and devices tops consumers’ frustrations with their technology. 5 HP has not only followed these trends, but has used them to shape the experi- ence offered to business customers. The Eli