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Jim Kearns Systems Architect , Chief Packaging Engineer , PageWide Web Press Team
Meet Jim Kearns , Distinguished Technologist , Systems Architect , Chief Packaging Engineer , PageWide Web Press Team — whether he ’ s coaching kids at the local high school or developing the latest printers at HP , Jim believes that anything is possible with a team . Most recently his team collaborated with KBA Digital & Web Solutions 1 , to create the HP PageWide Web Press T1100S , capitalizing on corrugated packaging printing for high-volume , digital preprint applications .
I work with brilliant people
I ’ ve enjoyed working on technology development with the team . We were the first movers in this transition from analog to digital packaging and printing with a totally disruptive product — the T1100S . We ’ ve had the opportunity to investigate technology that is going to supply solutions over a wide variety of horizons .
We stand on shoulders
We are able to be successful today because of the assets created by previous organizations within HP . When we started working on the HP PageWide web press , we used existing HP assets like print heads to create our first industrial production machine — propelling us into the high-speed industrial printing industry . We moved away from analog processes , allowing for greater productivity . Launching a start-up within HP was a great experience , and I was fortunate to be a part of that group .
Each day is different
I ’ m working on technologies and products that we ’ ll be delivering this summer and as far out as 2020 . It ’ s interesting to think about products we need now and those we ’ ll need in the future . My highest priority right now is working on the T1100S . It ’ s been a valuable experience collaborating with KBA on a product that will change the corrugate industry as we know it today .
I also have leadership roles in other technology development and products we will introduce over the next 2 to 7 years . Especially for the longer term technology , we are partnering with Graphics Solutions Business ( GSB ) divisions to make sure we are making and appropriately guiding investments in technologies that will serve GSB and HP .
Work is like football
I enjoy coaching football and getting to know young people in our community . I believe anything is possible with a team and that rings true on the football field and in technology development . Every position matters and it ’ s amazing how people step up to make things happen when they ’ re given the chance . •
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Creating a culture of innovation

How do you create an ethos of innovation in your organization ? A culture where everyone is empowered to dream up new ideas , and find solutions to everyday problems . Our next issue explores the “ maker spirit ” that has become the fabric of HP , our customers and partners for the past 76 years . We ’ ll showcase real-life examples , dive deep into the technologies that are enabling a maker movement , look at how HP partners are finding new ways to drive business outcome for customers , and explore leadership best practices needed to innovate , transform and drive growth .

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1 Koenig & Bauer AG ( KBA ): A German company that makes printing presses based in Würzburg . It was founded by Friedrich Koenig and Andreas Friedrich Bauer in Würzburg in 1817 , making it the oldest printing press manufacturer in the world .
Issue 3 · Summer 2016 · Innovation Journal 27
In the next issue… EMPLOYEE PROFILE to create our first industrial production machine—propelling us into the high-speed industrial printing industry. We moved away from analog processes, allowing for greater productivity. Launching a start-up within HP was a great experience, and I was fortunate to be a part of that group. Each day is different Jim Kearns Systems Architect, Chief Packaging Engineer, PageWide Web Press Team Meet Jim Kearns, Distinguished Technologist, Systems Architect, Chief Packaging Engineer, PageWide Web Press Team—whether he’s coaching kids at the 6v66"FWfVrFRFW7B&FW'2B&VƖWfW2FBFr276&RvFFV7B&V6VFǒ2FV6&&FVBvF$FvF`vV"6WF2F7&VFRFRvUvFRvV"&W70C26FƗr6''VvFVB6vr&Fpf"vfVRFvF&W&BƖ6F2ऒv&vF'&ƖBVP( fRVVBv&rFV6wFWfVЦVBvFFRFVvRvW&RFRf'7@fW'2F2G&6Fg&rFFvF6vrB&FrvFFFǐF7'WFfR&GV7N( GFRC2v^( fR@FR'GVGFfW7FvFRFV6wFB2vrF7Wǒ6WF2fW"vFPf&WGb&2vR7FB6VFW'0vR&R&RF&R7V66W76gVFF&RЦ6W6RbFR76WG27&VFVB'&WfW0&v旦F2vFvVvR7F'FV@v&rFRvUvFRvV"&W72vRW6VBW7Fr76WG2ƖR&BVG0( v&rFV6vW2B&GV7G0FBv^( &RFVƗfW&rF27VW"@2f"WB2##N( 2FW&W7FrFF氦&WB&GV7G2vRVVBrBF6Rv^( VVBFRgWGW&RגvW7B&&G&v@r2v&rFRC2*N( 2&VVfV&RWW&V6R6&&FrvF$&GV7BFBv6vRFR6''VvFPGW7G'2vRrBFFऒ6fRVFW'6&W2FW FV6wFWfVVBB&GV7G2vPvG&GV6RfW"FRWB"FrV'2W7V6ǒf"FRvW"FW&FV6wvR&R'FW&rvFw&726WF0'W6W72u4"Ff62FR7W&RvP&RrB&&FVǒwVFrЧfW7FVG2FV6vW2FBv6W'fPu4"B7&VFr7VGW&PbfFआrFR7&VFRWF2`fFW"&v旦F7VGW&RvW&RWfW'R0VvW&VBFG&VWWpFV2BfB6WF2FWfW'F&&V2W"W@77VRW&W2FR( W"7&N( ЧFB2&V6RFRf'&2bW"7W7FW'2B'FW'2f FR7BsbV'2v^( 6v66P&VƖfRWW2FfRFVWFFRFV6vW2FB&PV&ƖrW"fVVBBr'FW'2&PfFrWrv2FG&fP'W6W72WF6Rf"7W7FW'2BW&RVFW'6&W7@&7F6W2VVFVBFfFRG&6f&BG&fRw&wFखfFW&dTDrDR$TDTBt$BbD%$pv&2ƖRfF&V66rfF&BvWGFrFrVrVRW"6VG&VƖWfRFr276&RvFFVЦBFB&w2G'VRFRfF&fVB@FV6wFWfVVBWfW'6FGFW'2BN( 2rrVR7FWWFRFw2VvVFW( &RvfVFR66R*pV&&SGG&Bǒ5 Vrb&VW"r$vW&6F@W2&Fr&W76W2&6VB|;''W&rBv0fVFVB'g&VG&6VrBG&V2g&VG&6&VW"|;''W&rrrBFRFW7B&BЦr&W72Vf7GW&W"FRv&Bग77VR2 +r7VW"#b +rfFW&#