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HP Tech Ventures launch at TechCrunch Disrupt

The HP Tech Ventures program had its press launch at this year ’ s TechCrunch Disrupt NY event . Bringing together some of the hottest startups , incubators and investors , Disrupt NY was the perfect platform to unveil HP ’ s new corporate venture arm .

HP Tech Ventures is focused on sourcing , investing in , and commercializing early-stage startups in markets where the company can provide a substantial value-add . Based in the premier innovation hubs of Palo Alto , Calif ., and Tel Aviv , Israel , HP Tech Ventures is looking to fund early-stage companies that are aligned with emerging technology areas that we believe will be the building blocks for the future , including : 3D transformation , immersive computing , hyper-mobility , Internet of Things , and smart machines .

By partnering with the startup community , HP Tech Ventures is helping HP to not only accelerate growth in current businesses , but evaluate and pioneer new market opportunities .
Shane Wall , CTO and Global Head of HP Labs , speaks with TechCrunch TV
“ As Silicon Valley ’ s original startup , we have an opportunity to pay it forward by helping early stage startups achieve scale ,” explained HP ’ s Chief Disrupter , Andrew Bolwell . “ In addition to funding , our focus will be on adding value by leveraging our world-class technology network , our channel and distribution partners , as well as manufacturing and supply chain capabilities to help start-ups reach scale quickly ”
Early reaction for the new initiative has been extremely positive with a significant amount of interest across both venture and start-up communities , as well as broad coverage in major business and technology media outlets .
Leveraging our broad patent portfolio and 75 years of innovation experience , HP is in a great position to help aspiring entrepreneurs , and foster an ecosystem of innovation that will shape markets and communities for years to come . •
Andrew Bolwell presenting HP Breakthrough Innovation award
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