HP Innovation Issue 23: Summer 2023 | Page 3

Enrique Lores / President and CEO


F YOU VISIT AN HP OFFICE anywhere in the world , you won ’ t find a sustainability department .
That ’ s because it ’ s more than a silo in our org chart or a step in our process — at HP , we believe that sustainability is everyone ’ s business . It ’ s embedded in every aspect of our operations , and it ’ s essential to how we meet the needs of our customers . And sustainability isn ’ t just good for the planet ; it ’ s a powerful catalyst that sparks innovation across our entire organization .
The simple truth is that tomorrow ’ s problems cannot be solved with today ’ s technology . ( After all , if they could , they would have been solved already .) That means it ’ s up to companies like HP to roll up our sleeves and invent the products and solutions that will not only limit our negative impact on the planet , but also leave a lasting , positive mark .
There ’ s no question that we have our work cut out for us . From confronting our climate crisis to grappling with ongoing inequities and inequalities in so many of our communities , there ’ s still so much more that we , as an industry , can and must be doing . But fortunately , here at HP , the innovation required to address these issues is never in short supply .
I ’ m so proud that each and every day , the people who make up this company are developing new ways to reach a net-zero , fully regenerative economy — not only with the industry-leading sustainable solutions in our own portfolio , but also by collaborating with our suppliers and partners to help reduce their own carbon footprints . And in everything we do , we ’ re squarely focused on doing what ’ s right for people — both inside HP and across our communities .
In this issue of Innovation , you ’ ll read about a number of promising ideas : how we ’ re creating new plastics from waste products ; how we ’ re thinking outside the box to develop better types of packaging ; how we ’ re ensuring that our supply chain takes essential human rights into consideration ; and how HP is supporting efforts to responsibly restore the Atlantic Forest in Brazil .
Even 80 years ago , our founders envisioned a company that never shrinks from the biggest challenges society faces . While back then they might not have anticipated all the issues our planet faces today , I like to think they knew a clear sense of purpose — and a restless spirit of innovation — would help us change the world in ways that go beyond what we can imagine .
For HP , living up to that vision is so much more than a box to check . At this company , it ’ s everyone ’ s job .
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