HP Innovation Issue 18: Summer 2021 | Page 9

Tolga Kurtoglu /
CTO and Global Head of HP Labs
team members tap into their inner motivator by exploring , challenging themselves , and taking action . Building diverse and multidisciplinary teams is key , because the exchange of opinions often is the catalyst for new solutions . Cognitive diversity has been found to enhance team innovation by up to 20 %.
In these environments , leaders , managers , and team members are able to work together to scale creative ideas into refined solutions and bring them to market .
New products and market creation are one thing , but employees who are in the habit of blue-sky thinking are another . Here are strategies we ’ ve learned that help foster this mindset and encourage employees to tap into their inner innovator :
be an “ intrapreneur ” and the founder of your own startup within your company . Think of your C-suite as your VCs . Know what will inspire them to support your vision and what they expect in return .
commit to being a lifelong learner and also put yourself in your customers ’ and partners ’ shoes , to better understand their problems and needs .
take time off to have fun because new experiences and play can spark creativity . Experimenting and being open and unconstrained lead to divergent thinking , creative breakthroughs , and new solutions .
ILLUSTRATION BY KATE DEHLER leaders create a framework for an innovation culture and a road map for the company . They motivate teams and trust them to push boundaries .
managers have a plan that allows teams to adapt and move dynamically . They welcome new ideas and understand that innovation is a learning process . They encourage creativity , and recognize and reward employees for being willing to discuss new ideas and bring them to management .
Following these principles , coupled with the right leadership style , leads to overcoming internal barriers to innovation and creates a repeatable and scalable process . In the end , there is nothing more thrilling than witnessing creative breakthroughs become a reality .
Innovation doesn ’ t just happen spontaneously , like that famed “ Eureka !” moment of discovery . It ’ s a slow , intentional build . It takes root over time and must be lovingly tended . It ’ s a learnable ( and teachable ) skill set . And it ’ s one that ’ s much in demand at HP , HP Labs , and beyond .