HP Innovation Issue 18: Summer 2021 | Page 57

HOME TURF Butler took up cycling and picked up a Rubik ’ s Cube habit during the pandemic . The photograph seen here of Ice Cube is by Jonathan Mannion ; the pencil sketch below was a gift from his mother .
What was a typical workday like before the pandemic ? I usually started with a workout session , would grab a bite to eat , and then make my way into the office — about a 15- to 20-minute commute , so that wasn ’ t too tough . And then the typical workday was filled with meetings and calls and that kind of thing . What ’ s unique , maybe , about my situation is that since many of the people who report to me are in other offices around the country — Fort Collins , Houston , San Diego — Zoom types of interaction were not new for me or my team .
What has changed ? The whiteboarding and “ war room ” types of opportunities — we haven ’ t had those for over a year now . Travel , obviously , hasn ' t happened . So I haven ’ t had a chance to physically interact with people , even my own team members .
What is one thing you like about your home office ? I don ’ t have distractions — I ' m lucky in that . I don ’ t have young people or little kids running around . I don ’ t have a significant other to compete with for space and quiet , so that works to my advantage .
What is one thing you don ’ t like ? It ’ s the flip side : The walls close in at times because it ’ s just me and my thoughts all
day , every day — there can be a feeling of solitary confinement . This whole pandemic has had its challenges , but it ’ s also presented opportunities .
Did you make adjustments to your home office ? No , but I find myself navigating different spaces , depending on the type of call I ’ m on . If it ’ s just a voice type of interaction , then I ’ m at my dining room table ; other times , I ’ m on the sofa ; and my OMEN gaming gear is set up in my guest room . My entire home is the home office .
What equipment have you found to be essential ? My EliteBook keeps me connected day in and day out . And I quite love it . It ’ s light enough that
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it ’ s transportable , but it gets the work done that I need to get done .
Can you tell me about the art in your home ? Much of it was given to me by artists . I have prints of Tupac and Biggie that were gifted to me by Shepard Fairey , the famous graphic illustrator and street artist . I have some photographs of Dr . Dre and Ice Cube , which were gifted to me by photographer Jonathan Mannion .
I understand you have a pencil sketch from your mother . She gave me some art when I moved into my first apartment a long , long time ago because she didn ’ t want me to live with bare walls , and I still have this piece . She was also intent on making sure that there weren ’ t posters of dogs drinking beer and playing poker on the walls .
— Interviewed by John Newton