HP Innovation Issue 18: Summer 2021 | Page 45


With a portion of the workforce at home semipermanently , keeping our devices — all devices — safe has never been more critical . The new HP Wolf Security platform provides comprehensive protection for consumers and businesses .
by heidi mitchell
IT ’ S BEEN QUITE A YEAR . Along with adapting to a pandemic that shut the world inside and brought on a seismic shift in social norms , more people than ever are working from home . A YouGov survey of global office workers commissioned by the new security platform HP Wolf Security shows that 82 % of respondents are working from home more since the start of the pandemic , with some 23 % expecting to work from home most of the time even after we “ return to normal ” ( whatever that is ).
Which means that hundreds of millions of us are tapping into our employee networks through workdistributed laptops , sure , but also with our personal devices . Not just that , but we ’ re letting our kids use them for school , for gaming , for streaming content ( and we ’ re often guilty of doing the same !). According to the recent Blurred Lines and Blindspots report by HP